Book Clubs

Martha Lemasters is available to meet with book clubs within 150 miles Vero Beach, FL! If you are a member of a book club and would like Martha to attend one of your meetings, let us know. If you and are not within 150 miles she is available to meet with your book club via Skype or by phone. Contact Bethany,, for more information.
The Step Book Club Discussion questions:

1. How do you think Martha’s marriage to Hank influenced her path in the book?

2. How did gender roles play a part in the book and how do you think the workplace has changed for women since?

3. What do you think was Martha’s greatest challenge?

4. The meaning of the title The Step is revealed early in the book. How do you think that conversation with her teacher impacted Martha?

5. How did Martha adjust to being a single mother what coping mechanisms did she have?

6. We’re you surprised by how the other mothers on her street treated her?

7. Martha clearly had many friends at work. How do you think her work life helped sustain her through the hard times?

8. Martha did not remarry right away and experienced a few relationships. How do you think those relationships impacted her?

9. What character in the book, aside from Martha, did you find most interesting and why?

10.  Would you have wanted to work at the Cape given the opportunity? Why or why not?

11. She realizes that she doesn’t really love Andy…how did that  affair with Andy help her future in finding the right relationship?

12. The words her grade school teacher told her about “the step”come full circle at the end. Can you relate to the conclusion about steps being in sync focus on  achievement?