Readers say 5 Stars!

Here are just some of the rave reviews The Step has received

I enjoyed every minute of it!

It’s rare these days that I read a book cover to cover in one
day – but that’s exactly what I did with The Step. I enjoyed
every minute of it. I think my daughter would enjoy the book
as well. I do think it could be made into a terrific movie and
hope that happens.  -KMR

I couldn’t put this book down!

It’s such an interesting mix of the excitement of the Apollo
space program and the race to put a man on the moon, and
the social climate of the sixties and the author’s personal
triumphs!  -Amazon Customer

This is a great book!

A compelling story of a fascinating era in space exploration,
and the men and women (not many!) who made it happen.
-Amazon Customer

Very Powerful!

The Step carries a very powerful feminist message, pointing
out the substandard treatment that used to be routine for
working women.  – A.D.C. lll



The Step by Martha Lemasters


Martha Lemasters’ gripping memoir tells the remarkable story of her life as a single mother
working at Cape Kennedy during the Apollo years and is a riveting insider’s look at the real
dream team who made the extraordinary achievement, of landing a man on the moon, possible.
Bold and complex, women’s issues and equality are underlying themes of this richly woven tale.
Science, history, humor, and romance all intermingle in this stunningly fresh and inspiring
account of one woman’s journey as she overcomes every obstacle on her path to finding happiness
and success.

With something for everyone, The Step is a must read! Order your copy today.


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