“An inspirational read that you won’t be able to put down!”

The Step, Martha Lemasters’ gripping memoir tells the remarkable story of her life as a single mother working at Cape Kennedy during the Apollo years. Fiercely determined she works her way up, finally realizing her dream of becoming a writer in a male dominated workplace, and witnesses history first hand.

The Step: One Woman’s Journey to Finding her Own Happiness and Success During the Apollo Space Program, is a riveting insider’s look at the real dream team who made this extraordinary achievement, of landing a man on the moon, possible. We get to know many of the main players, (extending well beyond the astronaut crews), who made up what was perhaps the most powerful scientific and engineering team in history.

Bold and complex, women’s issues and equality are underlying themes of this richly woven tale. Science, history, humor and romance all intermingle in this stunningly fresh and inspiring account of one woman’s journey as she overcomes every obstacle on her path to finding happiness and success.

With something for everyone, The Step is a must read!

The Step is available for purchase on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, BooksaMillion, Indie Books and can be found at many other retail locations where books are sold.